Saturday 28 March 2015

2015 Heritage Tours Commence

Brush Car 631 heading North at Central Pier in one of the short spells of sunshine during the morning of 28th March
Saturday 28th March saw the first day of the 2015 timetabled Heritage Tram Tour service. The original plan had been to use two open trams, but in view of the windy, wet and grey weather that was battering the Fylde Coast in the morning, it was decided to use Brush Car 631 and Balloon 717 instead, a much better choice given the very inclement weather during the early morning. Fortunately the heavy rain abated by mid-morning, but passenger loadings were still very light, given that many people hadn't even bothered to venture out due to the abysmal weather forecast for the day. Hopefully when the public realise that the heritage trams are running again (and if the weather bucks up), more generous passenger loadings may result.

Balloon 717 laying over at the Heritage Tour stop at North Pier during the first day of the 2015 timetabled operations
Brush Car 631 and Balloon 717 passing each other at Central Pier on the grey, windy morning of 28th March

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