Monday 23 February 2015

Three Balloons on Driver Training

Balloon 717 northbound at the Hilton Hotel on driver training on 23rd February
Balloons 700 and 717 were in use on driver training on Monday 23rd February. 700 had to retire to the depot early due to one of the cab doors being ripped open by the strong wind, causing the retaining chain to snap. Balloon 719 took the place of 700 on training duties for the rest of the day. 717 and 719 both made the journey through to Fleetwood, posing together on the Ferry loop for a few minutes.

Balloon 700 southbound at Sandhurst Avenue on driver training
Balloon 719 heading north on driver training at the Cabin, after it had replaced 700
Balloons 717 and 719 waiting behind Flexity 006 at Bold Street in Fleetwood
Balloons 719 and 717 taking a short break on the loop at Fleetwood Ferry

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