Tuesday 24 February 2015

Single deck heritage car training

Centenary 648 passing the Grosvenor Casino as it approaches the Pleasure Beach on driver training

Tuesday 24th February saw another day of heritage crew driver training, this time using Twin Set 272+T2 and Centenary Car 648. Many unusual workings and little used crossovers were used during the days training.

Twin Set 272+T2 southbound at Gynn Square on a morning driver training run
Centenary Car 648 leaving the Pleasure Beach as it heads north on a driver training run
Twin Set 272+T2 heading south at Central Pier while on driver training
Centenary Car 648 northbound on a driver training run at Central Pier

Twin Set 272+T2 and Centenary Car 648 passing at the Cabin just before lunchtime

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