Wednesday 4 February 2015

Routemasters in action on the 22

RML887 heading south at Bispham Village on the service 22 to Mereside on 3rd February
This week saw both Routemasters from the Catch22Bus fleet in action on the service 22 between Mereside and Cleveleys. Monday 2nd February saw former Blackpool Transport Routemaster 521 (RM1583) in use, while from Tuesday it was the turn of all red RML887 to take over the reins.

RM1583 turning right from Langdale Road onto Clifton Road in Mereside on 2nd February
RML887 heading for Mereside along the bus contra-flow lane on Central Drive in Blackpool

RM1583 stopping to pick up passengers on Cherry Tree Road in Marton

RML887 approaching the southern terminus of the 22 route in Mereside
RML1583 heading south on Kelso Avenue in Cleveleys
RML887 pulling into the service 22 bus stop on New Bonny Street in Blackpool
RM1583 passing Mereside Primary School on Langdale Road in Mereside, on the way to Cleveleys
RML887 on the service 22 to Mereside, turning left into Anchorsholme Lane in Cleveleys
RML887 westbound on Anchorsholme Lane in Cleveleys on service 22

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