Sunday 4 January 2015

Twin Set receives new destination blinds

Twin Set 272+T2 pose in the late afternoon sunshine at Cabin displaying the new black & white blinds to good effect

Twin Set 272+T2 was hired by a group of tram enthusiasts on Sunday 4th January. The tour covered the whole tram system from Starr Gate to Fleetwood, with two trips being made to the fishing port and a lunch break being taken at Bispham. Since the Twin Set's last outing it has been fitted with a custom made set of brand new black and white destination blinds, which look much better on the heritage tram than the previous high visibility yellow on black blinds.

Twin Set 272+T2 sitting on the centre track at Thornton Gate while overall advert Flexity 016 passes by heading north

Twin Set 272+T2 exiting Bold Street at Fleetwood Ferry

Twin Set 272+T2 rounding the curve from Fleetwood Ferry into Pharos Street

Twin Set 272+T2 in Pharos Street at Fleetwood

Twin Set 272+T2 pausing for a photo stop at Cabin

Twin Set 272+T2 heading north at the Pleasure Beach

Twin Set 272+T2 on the loop at Bispham during the lunch break, while Flexity 013 heads north to Fleetwood Ferry

Twin Set 272+T2 on the turning circle at the Pleasure Beach

Flexity 010 heading south at Cabin while 272+T2 wait at the heritage stop on the northbound track

Twin Set 272+T2 heading along Lord Street on its second visit to Fleetwood on the tram tour

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