Friday 16 January 2015

Balloon 715 to be used on Heritage Tours

Balloon 715 during the golden years of the tramway, seen with 708 in Bold Street in October 2004

Former Lancastrian Transport Trust Balloon 715 has been moved into the workshops for an assessment of the amount of work that will be required to return the tram to use this year. It has been determined that it will be feasible to return 715 to active heritage service without too much travail. Some of the more obvious rectifications required will be to the broken windows, panelling and some attention to the paintwork (possibly a repaint), all suffered as a consequence of its outdoor storage in Marton. With 715's return to use it will be possible at last to ride on a traditional Balloon in heritage service, as 701's body was modernised and 717 is really a modern interpretation of what a Balloon would have looked like, but in reality the tram was heavily modified during the course of its rebuild into 1930s appearance.

715 in probably its most controversial livery (although some people did like this scheme), at Central Pier in April 2011

Balloon 715 on the last weekend of traditional tramcar operation, northbound at the Tower on 5th November 2011

Balloon 715 on the very last day of traditional tramcar operation, at North Pier at dusk on 6th November 2011

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