Sunday 11 January 2015

Flexity service terminates at Pleasure Beach

Flexity 004 approaching the temporary southern terminus, as 002 waits for any passengers on the northern platform
Due to the wind damage that was inflicted to the roof of Starr Gate tram depot on the morning of Saturday 10th January, the tram service was truncated at the Pleasure Beach until the loose panels on the roof of the tram depot could be secured. Southbound trams layed over on the Pleasure Beach turning circle before running round to the northbound stop as departure time approached, not that there are many people around at this time of the year on a wind swept promenade next to the closed Pleasure Beach.

Flexity 004 turning onto the Pleasure Beach loop in order to reverse direction before heading back to Fleetwood
Flexity 004 stops on the Pleasure Beach turning circle to await its departure time for returning to Fleetwood Ferry
Flexity 012 leaving the northern terminus at Bold Street in Fleetwood bound for the Pleasure Beach

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