Monday 20 January 2014

Red Rocket on the 22

Mercedes-Benz Citaro MAL53 on trial on the Catch 22 service in Clifton Street in Blackpool on 20th January
On Monday 20th January, one of the Red Rocket bendy buses was used as a trial on the Catch 22 service, to see if it is feasible to use these long buses on the urban route between Cleveleys and Mereside. The vehicle chosen for the trial operation was Mercedes-Benz Citaro MAL53 (BL52ODK), which is the only one of the three bendy buses to carry the Red Rocket branding on the front panel. Route number 22 was displayed on the lower left hand side of the windscreen, and a board with Cleveleys on one side and Mereside on the reverse was displayed on the dash panel.

Citaro MAL53 on the Catch 22 passes Blackpool Transport Optare Solo 292 in Talbot Road on 20th January

Red Rocket Citaro MAL53 on Talbot Road in Blackpool about to head north for Cleveleys on 20th January

Mercedes-Benz Citaro MAL53 arrives in Cleveleys with Mereside already display on the destination board

Red Rocket Citaro MAL53 departing Cleveleys bound for Mereside in Blackpool at 10:45 on 20th January

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