Monday 10 June 2013

LTT Collection to be merged with BTS Heritage Fleet

Trams 8, 715, 704, 632 and 624 of the LTT, seen in open storage at Marton on Sunday 9th June

Blackpool Transport and the Lancastrian Transport Trust are to merge their historic tramcar fleets by the creation of a new charitable trust which will consolidate the combined collection.

The deal will involve 8, 304, 624, 632, 704 and 715, belonging to the Lancastrian Transport Trust, returning to the care of Blackpool Transport, followed later by Standard 143 and Railcoach 279 in October, with the Rocket joining at the conclusion of the current deal with the Illuminations Dept.

The two organisations will work together to form a charitable trust to care for the expanded fleet of heritage trams. This will be managed independently of Blackpool Transport’s core business and supported by representatives from both sides, this will allow the chance to explore further funding opportunities not normally available to commercial organisations. The operation of the heritage trams will be undertaken by Blackpool Transport.

This deal is excellent news for both the LTT and the future of the heritage operation of Blackpool Transport, and all involved in brokering the deal are to be congratulated.

Unfortunately it was noted on Sunday 9th June that some of the LTT trams that are in open storage have suffered from the attention of vandals, with several broken windows being noticed, the worst of the trams affected appears to be Balloon 715. Hopefully no more serious damage than this has ensued during their outdoor sojourn at Marton.

LTT trams not included in the arrangement with BTS include Balloon 703 and Boat 605 both currently at the Beamish museum, Coronation 663 which resides in the LTT depot at Brinwell Road, and Trailer towing car 671 which is stored in the yard of a coach company at Marton.

Balloons 715 and 704 at Marton, unfortunately 715 has suffered several smashed windows while being in this yard

Brush Railcoach 632 has also suffered at least one broken window (far left) while in open storage in Blackpool

OMO 8 at the open storage yard in Marton on 9th June, note the broken window just behind the drivers cab

LTT Coronation 304 seen in open storage at a hauliers yard in Fleetwood on Sunday 9th June

LTT trams not included in the current deal with BTS include Trailer towing car 671 seen here at Marton on 9th June

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