Saturday 15 June 2013

Expired advert on Flexity 010 finally replaced

Flexity 010 at the Foxhall wearing a new advert for Crown Carveries that has just been applied
Flexity 010 has until very recently been carrying a Christmas panto advert that was first applied last year, despite the pantomime closing on January 6th of this year! About two weeks ago the old time expired advert was removed, and after running for a couple of weeks with no advert on one side of the tram, a new advert for Crown Carveries has just been applied.

The centre section of Flexity 010 showing details of the new Crown Carveries advert

Flexity 010 ran for a short while with no advert where the Cinderella ad had been removed, seen here on 8th June

The expired colourful advert for the Cinderella pantomime, that was only removed a couple of weeks ago

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