Tuesday 25 June 2013

Centenary 646 not scrapped after all?

Centenary 646 near Blackpool Airport on 8th November 2012, shortly before it disappeared from the site

It would appear that the vandalised "Paul Gaunt" Centenary Car 646 may not have been scrapped after all, the body of the tram is allegedly in use as a bar at a festival site in Scotland. More items recovered from 646 are now turning up for sale on the auction site eBay, the seller has included the following text in the description of the items:- "I recently bought and sold Blackpool tram 646. I offered the tram to all the museums but it was sold to a festival site in Scotland. They are using the body for a bar."


  1. The information that the seller provided may have been out of date or incorrect, there have been no further reports to support his assertion that the tram escaped the scrapman's torch.