Wednesday 13 February 2013

Snow hits Blackpool again

Flexity 007 heading south through the falling snow at Central Pier
Snow showers hit Blackpool again this morning, with the snow beginning to fall around 9.00 am, and continuing until just after 11:00 am, by which time it began turning to sleet and then rain, with the snow starting to vanish quickly from the promenade by around midday. This time the amount of snow didn't warrant using the snowplough, especially as the forecast was for the snow to begin turning into rain at lunchtime. Again the new Flexities coped very well with the relatively short period of snow. Flexity 002 was noted out on test in the morning, having been notably absent from the promenade since its brief entry into passenger service a couple of weeks ago. Flexity 003 was seen on a short working to Thornton Gate during the late morning.

Flexity 012 heading north at Central Pier
Flexity 012 on the pristine white central promenade on its way to Fleetwood Ferry
Flexity 009 southbound at Central Pier, with the Tower obscured by the falling snow in the background
Flexities 006 and 008 unloading passengers at the Tower tram stop
Flexity 002 heading north on test near the Tower, with the words "Sorry Not In Service" on the destination display
Flexity 009 at the Tower tram stop with 014 on its way south towards Central Pier
Flexity 016 southbound at North Pier
Flexity 003 on a short working to Thornton Gate at North Pier

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