Saturday 16 February 2013

First Flexity 2 Tram is Named

Flexity 002 at Cleveleys on its first day in passenger service after being named "Alderman E.E. Wynne" yesterday

Flexity 002 was named "Alderman E.E. Wynne" in a ceremony at Starr Gate depot on Friday 15th February. After the naming ceremony the invited guests were treated to a ride along the promenade onboard 002. Subsequent to yesterday's naming ceremony, 002 re-entered normal passenger service today. It is to be hoped that the tram manages to stay in service for a bit longer than the few days it managed on its first outing in service three weeks ago, after its return from Bombardier in Germany back in November. Alderman Edmund Ernest Wynne served on Blackpool Council for 38 years, and was the Mayor of Blackpool from 1972 to 1973. Mr Wynne was also the chairman of the Transport Committee for six years in the late 1950s.

Flexity 002 at Cleveleys displaying its new name of "Alderman E.E. Wynne" on the cab end panels
Flexity 002 pauses to pick up passengers at the Victoria Street tram stop in North Albert Street, Fleetwood
Southbound Flexity 002 at Cleveleys, with northbound 016 on the opposite platform
Flexity 002 southbound at Cleveleys, with 016 departing northwards for Fleetwood Ferry

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