Tuesday 26 February 2013

Flexity 003 in Starr Gate Sanding Bay

Flexity 003 in the sanding bay area at Starr Gate depot, with the sand plant filler nozzles visible
Flexity 003 is seen waiting in the sanding bay at Starr Gate depot on 26th February. The sand plant area of the new depot is used for filling up the sanders on the Flexity 2 trams.

An end view of Flexity 003 in the sanding bay, with the sand refilling nozzles seen either side of the tram


  1. Excuse my ignorance, Alan, but what's the purpose of the sanders? It's clearly passed me by...

  2. The sand is used to provide extra grip on greasy, wet or hilly tracks and also to provide additional grip during emergency braking. The sand is stored in hoppers inside the tram and dropped onto the rail just in front of the wheels via pipes, this being controlled by the driver. I hope that helps Jill.

  3. Ah right yes that makes sense. I was thinking grip but wasn't sure. Thanks for the clarification Alan!