Thursday 1 November 2012

Flexity 002 returns from Bombardier

Flexity 002 descending Squires Gate Lane bridge on the final approach to the Starr Gate depot
Flexity 002 finally returned from Germany today. 002 had departed for the Bombardier factory at Bautzen in Germany on May 12th. The tram had been returned to Bombardier for essential upgrade work to take place, while there 002 had received its vinyl branding and fleet numbers and was subsequently displayed at the InnoTrans rail transport technology trade fair at Berlin in September. The return of 002 to Blackpool means that the tramway has now got its full complement of all sixteen Flexity 2 trams.

Flexity 002's transporter and police escort wait for the traffic to be stopped at the junction with the promenade
002 and transporter manoeuvring into the final unloading position
Flexity 014 passes 002 ready to be unloaded from the transporter, with several onlooking enthusiasts
Service cars 005 and 007 pass by while the unloading of 002 continues
Flexity 002 approaches the bottom of the unloading ramp
002 being driven into the environs of Starr Gate depot under its own power

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