Saturday 3 November 2012

304 in a bit of a scrape

Coronation 304 after it collided with replica 1913 Daimler bus J2503 at the town tram stop at Beamish museum
The Lancastrian Transport Trust's Coronation tram 304 had a close encounter of the Daimler kind at the Beamish open air museum during its first circuit of the morning on Saturday 3rd November.
As 304 was pulling up at the town tram stop it grazed the side of replica 1913 Daimler bus J2503 which was parked outside the bank. Not surprisingly the bus seems to have come off worse after the coming together, receiving several gouges on the offside panels and a chipped rear mudguard, Coronation 304 received a dented corner panel and some damaged beading.

A nearside view of the replica 1913 Daimler bus J2503 with 304 still wedged in its bodywork
A closer view of the impact point between the two vehicles
A close-up view of the damage suffered by 304, showing the dented corner panel and scuffed beading
Replica 1913 Daimler bus J2503 showing the scrapes along the offside panels and broken mudguard

Close up of gouges in side panels on J2503, also showing a piece of the broken rear mudguard lying on the ground

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