Monday 26 March 2012

Trams return to the Ferry

709 in North Albert Street, returning from its trip around the Ferry loop
Today saw the return of trams to Fleetwood Ferry for the first time since 2009, when Balloons 709 and 713 tested out the track and overhead from Ash Street to the Ferry loop and back again to Ash Street. 709 is seen rounding the curve from North Albert Street into Lord Street, being the first of the two trams to traverse the Ferry loop.

Balloon 713 at the new Fleetwood Ferry tram stop in Bold Street

713 nosing out of Bold Street onto The Esplanade
713 followed next and is seen above at the new Fleetwood Ferry tram stop in Bold Street, the name on the adjacent bus shelter reading "Bold Street Interchange". Passengers will no longer be picked up at the Ferry itself or in Pharos Street at the old cast iron shelter, the Bold Street platform being the only tram stop on the loop now.
713 rounding the curve from the Ferry into Pharos Street

713 with its pantograph at full stretch in Pharos Street

Both trams made a single round trip from Ash Street, 713 is seen above rounding the curve from the Ferry into Pharos Street. When exiting Pharos Street, the pantograph on 713 seemed to be at full stretch (see left). Both trams met up again at Ash Street, where after a crew lunch break they headed back south.

713 having just run the full length of Lord Street concludes the testing for the day
713 passes 709 at Ash Street after the testing of the street track and overhead had been completed

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