Thursday 15 March 2012

Open sleepers being covered at 16 Tram Stops

Rossall Beach tram stop with concrete/resin sheeting being laid between the rails on the sleeper track 
Work is currently under way at the open sleeper track tram stations to cover over the sleepers, the median strip and gaps between the rails and platforms with concrete/resin sheeting. This is a health and safety requirement to prevent passengers who may fall from the platforms from being trapped between the tram and the sleepers. There is a requirement for the gap between the underside of the tram and the ground surface to be no more than 70mm. As can be seen in the above photo of Rossall Beach, this sheeting will cover the whole area between the platforms. Why the track couldn't have been laid in concrete at these locations is a mystery, it gives the impression of this work being a last minute after thought. The modifications are having to be done at 16 tram stops, and despite the council throwing workers at the job, it would seem highly unlikely that all the work will be completed in time for the inauguration of the public tram service on 4th April.

Concrete/resin sheeting being fitted at Lowther Avenue tram stop

The work being undertaken at Lowther Avenue this week (see photo above) has meant that the Flexities on driver training duties have been turning at Bispham instead of the Cabin as usual. Seen in the picture below from left to right are 002, 001, 007 & 004 reversing at Bispham, late in the morning on Tuesday, presenting a rare opportunity to see four Flexities in action together.

Flexities 002, 001, 007 & 004 seen turning at Bispham on 13th March

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