Sunday 16 July 2023

Fleetwood Tram Replacement Service

Enviro 418 in Bold Street on the tram replacement bus service on Sunday 16th July

As a consequence of the Fleetwood Festival of Transport being cancelled due to wind, there was no Flexity tram service between Fisherman's Walk and Fleetwood Ferry from the start of service until 17:30 on Sunday 16th July. The reason given for the truncated tram service was that the drivers shifts had already been arranged in advance for Tram Sunday (which subsequently didn't take place), and couldn't be altered at such short notice. A free tram replacement shuttle bus service operated between Fisherman's Walk and Bold Street during the period of short running.

Flexity 012 turning back short at Fisherman's Walk on Sunday 16th July

Flexity 012 terminating at Fisherman's Walk on Sunday 16th July
Flexity 011 crew changing the points on the crossover at Ash Street on Sunday 16th July

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