Tuesday 18 July 2023

Centenary 645 leaves Rigby Road

Centenary 645 chained down on Allelys low loader in Blundell Street
Centenary 645 was the latest tram to leave Blackpool this morning. An early start was made in moving 645 on Tuesday 18th July, with the tram being towed out of the depot by Unimog 939, before being winched onto the low loader of Allelys Heavy Haulage in Blundell Street. The low loader needed to reverse out of Blundell Street into Hopton Road and then Lytham Road before heading out of town. Unfortunately the loading bay of Home Bargains was blocked by parked cars, necessitating a tricky manoeuvre using the road instead. The low loader first attempted to reverse around the south side of the large kerbed island and traction pole in the middle of Hopton Road, unfortunately this route failed due to a parked car on the road near the depot entrance. The transporter moved back into Blundell Street before eventually squeezing through the tight gap (for a large low loader) on the north side of the large island in Hopton Road. After safely reversing all the way down to Lytham Road, the low loader with 645 onboard headed off just before 10:30 am. The destination of the journey was Crich tramway museum, for some secret project that has yet to be revealed. It's exactly six years this month since 645 returned to Rigby Road tram depot from its previous home of Windy Harbour Caravan Park on the Fylde.

645 in Blundell Street ready to depart
The low loader attempting to manoeuvre around the south side of the large raised island
This route was blocked by an awkwardly parked Ford Ka outside the depot
The low loader then attempted to squeeze around the north side of the large kerb in Hopton Road
This time the low loader successfully gained access to Hopton Road
The low loader reversing from Hopton Road into Lytham Road
The low loader with 645 onboard about to head off down Lytham Road
The low loader with 645 and escort vehicle heading south down Lytham Road
Centenary 645 passing the Imperial Hotel in September 2011
645 on Windy Harbour Caravan Park in 2017 with a few boarded up broken windows

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