Wednesday 14 September 2022

Mazuma advert for Flexity 011

Flexity 011 in Fleetwood showing its new overall advert for Mazuma Mobile
Flexity 011 has received a blue overall vinyl wrap advert for Mazuma Mobile. There was a launch ceremony at the North Pier heritage stop on Tuesday 13th September, with local professional boxer Jack Catterall. The tram entered its first full day of passenger service with the Mazuma advert on Wednesday September 14th. (Note - 3 more photos added on 15th Sep.) 

Flexity 011 heading north at Fisherman's Walk on 14th September

Flexity 011 on North Albert Street in Fleetwood
Flexity 011 passing the Pharos Lighthouse in Fleetwood
Flexity 002 and 011 at Victoria Street tram stop in Fleetwood
Flexity 011 at the Fleetwood Ferry stop in Bold Street
A close-up of the Mazuma advert on the centre section of Flexity 011


  1. The launch was on Tuesday 13th September (not February) at North Pier & Tower heritage stop. Jack Catterall, local professional boxer, cut the ribbon with the mazumamobile mascot looking on. The proceedings can be found at

    1. Well spotted, yes I did know that really. I must have had a mental aberration when I typed September! Corrected now and thanks for the further info.