Friday 23 September 2022

Balloon 715 Swan Song

Setting the points so that 715 can enter the loop for its break at Fleetwood Ferry
This weekend (24th/25th September) is the last time that Balloon 715 will be in use on Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours for the foreseeable future. It has been several decades since 715 last received a major overhaul, and it has been decided that now is the right time to retire the tram from active use, pending such time in the future that it can be refurbished. After its withdrawal from use, 715 will be stored on static display in Rigby Road tram depot. The photos in this post were taken during the 14:40 Coastal Tour from North Pier on Friday 23rd September.

Balloon 715 parking up on the loop at Fleetwood Ferry on 23rd September
Balloon 715 heading along North Albert Street in Fleetwood
Flexity 018 passing Balloon 715 at Fleetwood Ferry
715 rounding the curve from North Albert Street into Lord Street in Fleetwood
Balloon 715 heading south on the tramroad at Rossall on 23rd September

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