Thursday 30 June 2022

North Station route testing using two trams

Flexity 001 crossing over Dickson Road as it approaches the North Station terminus
The third day of the North Station daytime tramway testing (and last this week) saw two trams in use along Talbot Road. No testing had taken place on Wednesday due to faulty signalling, similar problems also saw the planned Friday tests cancelled. The trams in use on 30th June were all-over advert Flexity 001 and Flexity 011, which was the first of the new trams to be adorned with an advert back in June 2012, and has been carrying the same Redrow Homes advert for ten years.

Flexity 001 using the scissors crossing in the North Station terminus area

Flexity 011 passing Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church on Talbot Road
Flexity 001 waiting for the traffic lights at the junction with Dickson Road
Flexity 001 passing 11.8m ADL Enviro 561 on Talbot Road
Flexity 011 passing Enviro 400 City 416 on Talbot Road
Flexity 001 entering Talbot Road as it leaves North Station
Flexity 001 in Talbot Square
Flexity 001 waiting for a northbound service car, after turning right out of Talbot Square
Flexity 011 at the Talbot Square tram stop, seen from halfway up Talbot Road near the Abingdon St junction
Flexity 001 and Enviro 438 near the North Station tram terminus

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