Monday 27 June 2022

Daytime tram testing on Talbot Road

Flexity 010 turning into Talbot Square on the first test run of the day, alongside Stagecoach 27267
Monday 27th June saw the commencement of daytime testing on the North Station tramway extension along Talbot Road in Blackpool. The first day of testing used Flexity 010, wearing vinyls for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, and saw the tram being used in a normal traffic situation among other road vehicles. Seven consecutive days of testing have been planned, with tram running taking place between 1000 and 1500 on each day. Each of the different Promenade turnouts at Talbot Square were used at some point throughout the day, along with the scissors crossover on the approach to the North Station terminus. Trams using the northbound junction proceeded to Cabin where the tram reversed, southbound trips reversed using the crossover next to the Wedding Chapel, near the North Pier tram stop.

Flexity 010 heading east up Talbot Road

Flexity 010 crossing over the road junction with Dickson Road
Flexity 010 passing over the scissors crossing within the building site area
Flexity 010 crossing over Dickson Road as it leaves the North Station terminus
Flexity 010 heading down Talbot Road towards the Promenade
Flexity 010 indicating to turn left onto the Promenade from Talbot Square
Flexity 010 turning right into Talbot Square from the Promenade
Flexity 010 at the eastbound Talbot Square tram stop platform
Flexity 010 crossing Abingdon Street
Flexity 010 at the North Station tram terminus, deep within the builders compound
Flexity 010 turning right out of Talbot Square using the northbound junction
Southbound Flexity 010 turning left into Talbot Square from the Promenade
Flexity 010 at Talbot Square with the new Premier Inn hotel behind
A long zoom shot of the approaching Flexity 010 coming down Talbot Road
Flexity 010 turning south to return to Starr Gate depot after the days testing

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