Sunday 27 February 2022

Trams terminating at Fisherman's Walk

Balloon 717 arriving at Fisherman's Walk, with Flexity 009 waiting to depart for Starr Gate
All Fleetwood bound trams are currently terminating at Fisherman's Walk at the south end of Lord Street, due to ongoing gas main work further along the line. Here are a few photos of Balloon 717 on the morning Coastal Tour to Fleetwood on Sunday 27th February.

Balloon 717 using the crossover at Ash Street
Flexity 013 and Balloon 717 at the tram stop at Fisherman's Walk
Balloon 717 on its Coastal Tour layover break at Ash Street
Flexity 012 arriving at the temporary northern terminus at Ash Street

A profile view of Balloon 717 and Flexity 012 at Ash Street
A full length side view of Flexity 012 alongside Balloon 717 at Ash Street
Balloon 717 passing Fleetwood fire station on its way back to Blackpool

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