Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Plasser Tamper on the Tramway

The Plasser 09/16 CAT ZW Tamper in action near Admiral Point
The third day of track maintenance work on the Blackpool tramway saw the arrival of a tamping machine. A Trackwork Plasser 09/16 CAT ZW Tamper was in operation all day on 17th February, tamping the ballast on the southbound track between Little Bispham and Cabin. An attempt was made to switch the tamper to the northbound line at the Cabin, but it got stuck on the crossover.

Blackpool Transport Enviro 445 heading north past the tamping machine

The Plasser tamper working its way south along Queen's Promenade

A close-up of the complicated tamping machinery in operation

The Plasser tamper working slowly southwards from Little Bispham

A broadside view of the Plasser 09/16 CAT ZW Tamper in action

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