Tuesday 23 February 2021

Harrow Place to Cabin Tram Service

Flexity 013 having crossed over to the northbound track, just north of Starr Gate tram depot
Service on the Blackpool Tramway was suspended from Sunday 14th February until Sunday 21st February due to engineering work. From Monday 22nd February until Saturday 27th February, a partial service between Harrow Place and Cabin will be in operation, due to ongoing engineering work continuing both north and south of this section of the tramway. Northbound trams used the crossover just beyond the Cabin tram stop to reverse, while southbound trams continued empty past Harrow Place to the crossover just north of Starr Gate tram depot to reverse.

Flexity 008 crossing over at Cabin, notice the barriers on the northbound line

Flexity 015 beginning its northbound run at Harrow Place on 22nd February

Flexity 008 arriving at the southern terminus at Harrow Place

The socially distanced seating arrangements in Flexity 013

Flexity 013 using the crossover to the north of Starr Gate tram depot on 22nd February

Southbound Flexity 003 using the crossover near Starr Gate tram depot at 08:15 on 23rd February

Flexity trams 005 and 018 at the Cabin on 23rd February

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