Tuesday 30 June 2020

Old Circular Tour tram track revealed

A close-up view of the junction with the Station Road line and the Promenade

Some of the old tram track which formed part of the Circular Tour route along Station Road in South Shore has been visible for some time now. The junction with the Promenade and part of the eastbound track on Station Road are currently poking through the worn tarmac road surface.

The tram line along Lytham Road was opened in 1895, with an extension to Victoria Pier (now South Pier) via Station Road opening two years later in 1897.

Circular tours using toastrack trams began operating in 1911, running from Talbot Square to South Pier, then turning left into Station Road, Lytham Road and round Marton before returning to Talbot Square. With the closure of the Lytham Road route in October 1961, the track along Station Road ceased to be used.

Looking towards the Pleasure Beach at South Pier, with the old junction visible in the road

The Promenade/Station Road junction visible adjacent to South Pier

Part of the eastbound track currently visible, halfway along Station Road

A 1909 map of the Station Road line, which fails to show the Promenade junction

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