Tuesday 11 December 2018

Coronation 304 out on Test

Coronation 304 crossing over at Foxhall Square on its first run

Coronation 304 made a couple of test runs on the Promenade this afternoon. The Fylde Transport Trust owned tram was having its Vambac control and 24 volt inverter charging systems tested following the fitting of new batteries. 304 made two round trips between Foxhall Square and the Pleasure Beach before returning to Rigby Road depot after a successful outing. This is the first occasion that 304 has been out on the Promenade since 2016.

Coronation 304 passing Flexity 006 at Foxhall

304 heading north at the Pleasure Beach on its first run of the afternoon

304 heading south past a Flexity at Manchester Square

304 heading north at Manchester Square on its last run

304 crossing the Promenade at Manchester Square

304 passing Enviro 441 on Lytham Road as the tram returns to the depot

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