Friday 7 December 2018

Bloodhound SSC at Blackpool in 2010

The Bloodhound SSC mock-up on display at Squires Gate in 2010

With today's sad news that the Bloodhound SSC supersonic car project has finally been axed, it's time to look back at some photos of the Bloodhound mock-up that visited Blackpool back in 2010. The mock-up of the Bloodhound SSC was on public display at Blackpool Airport at Squires Gate on 3rd September 2010, during a UK fund raising tour to try and raise public awareness for the project and generate sponsorship. The project went into administration in October this year, still some £25 million short of the amount needed to make an attempt on the 1,000 mph land speed record. See for more info while the website is still active.

A rear view of the Bloodhound SSC mock-up at Squires Gate

A head on view of the mock-up
Bloodhound SSC at Squires Gate

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