Wednesday 10 October 2018

JD advert on Flexity 014

Flexity 014 southbound at Anchorsholme Crossing

Flexity 014 has entered service this week carrying an overall advert for JD Sports. The advert is on a black background with the "JD" logo in large white discs on the tram ends and sides, with contravision in use on three sections of the tram. Again similar to 003 & 016, the tram has entered service without any external fleet numbers.

Flexity 014 departing from Cleveleys tram station

Flexity 014 approaching the Broadwater stop in Fleetwood

Flexity 014 heading north at the Gynn

An end view of 014 at the Bold Street terminus in Fleetwood

1 comment:

  1. Looks a mess then again I don't like jd anyway but nice pictures though just shame it looks like that