Thursday 18 October 2018

Birkenhead 20 on Tour

Birkenhead 20 on a private hire on the Golden Mile

Birkenhead 20, a 1900 Milnes built open-top tram, originally arrived in Blackpool on loan way back in July 2017. Thursday 18th October 2018 finally saw its first outing on the tramway carrying passengers. The trials and tribulations of Birkenhead 20's unproductive time in Blackpool are well documented, but rather belatedly it has at long last been used. The tram's first outing was on a private hire for the Merseyside Tramway Preservation Society, who normally operate the tram on the Wirral Tramway in Birkenhead. Unfortunately it seems likely that Birkenhead 20 will be making its way back home to the Wirral after the end of the Illuminations, which is rather a shame as it has been unused for most of its 15 month visit.

Birkenhead 20 being brought out of the depot ready for its private hire

Birkenhead 20 beginning its afternoon tour at Manchester Square

Birkenhead 20 using the crossover at Foxhall to return to the Pleasure Beach

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