Saturday 14 April 2018

40s at 60 event on the ELR

Visiting locos 40012 "Aureol" and D213 "Andania" at Bury Bolton Street Station

To mark the 60th anniversary of the English Electric Type 4 (Class 40) entering service with British Railways, the East Lancashire Railway held a special three day diesel event from 13th to 15th April. The 40s at 60 event saw five Class 40s in service, supported by a Deltic and Class 50 also. Resident 40s 40106, 40135 and 40145 took part plus 50015 "Valiant", along with visiting locos 40012 "Aureol", belonging to The Midland Railway Trust, D213 "Andania" from Barrow Hill and D9009 "Alycidon" courtesy of the Deltic Preservation Trust. Pioneer Class 40 D200 was on loan from the National Railway Museum at York, and was displayed at Bolton Street Station at Bury throughout the event.

D213 "Andania" departing from Bury on the 1616 service to Heywood

The noses of D213 "Andania" and D200 at Bolton Street Station, Bury

40135 and 40012 double heading the 1056 from Bury to Heywood

40012 and 40135 double heading the 1056 Bury to Heywood service

40106 "Atlantic Conveyor" at Bury on the rear of the 1315 train from Heywood

40135 waiting at Ramsbottom with 40145 arriving on the 1250 from Bury to Rawtenstall

D9009 "Alycidon" at Ramsbottom on the 1447 service to Heywood

50015 "Valiant" at Ramsbottom Station on the 1322 shuttle to Bury

D200 from the National Railway Museum on display at Bury

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