Thursday 5 April 2018

147 on midweek Heritage Tours

Balloon 715 and newly repainted Standard 147 passing each other near Manchester Square

Thursday 5th April dawned bright and sunny in Blackpool, and as newly repainted Standard 147 was rostered to be one of the two trams on the midweek Heritage Tours that day, the chance had finally arrived to get some some sunny shots of this tram in action.

147 at Gynn Square returning from the Cabin and heading for the Pleasure Beach

147 at Gynn Square on the first Cabin service of the day

Standard 147 southbound at Central Pier

147 heading south at Talbot Square past the junction for the new line to North Station


  1. Thanks for posting these photographs, they are evocative of my childhood holidays in Blackpool. "Green and Cream" beasts patrolling the prom, still going today!

    1. No problem, it was nice to have clear clue skies for a change.