Saturday 30 April 2016

Saturday 30th April Heritage

Bolton 66 at the Heritage Tram Tour stop at Bispham in the morning
The Heritage Tour output for the enhanced timetable on Saturday 30th April was duty A: Marton Box 31, duty B: Balloon 701, duty C: Fleetwood Box 40, duty D: Railcoach 680, duty E: Bolton 66 and duty F: Twin Set 272/T2. The weather was a mixture of cloud and sunshine, with some hail and rain thrown in for extra measure in the morning! The weather gradually improved as the day went on, but unfortunately the decision to replace planned Boat 227 with Railcoach 680 had been made earlier on when the weather was rather more inclement.

Marton Box Car 31 and Bolton 66 pass each other near to the Tower
Twin Set 272/T2 heading south at North Pier
Balloon 701 approaching the southbound Heritage Tour stop at the Cabin
Fleetwood Box 40 crossing from the centre track to the southbound running line at Bispham
Railcoach 680 arriving at Bispham with Flexity 013 approaching the southbound LRT platform

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