Friday, 22 April 2016

Great War Steam Fair

One of the highlights of the event was the debut in service of newly restored 1907 Sheffield tramcar 264
The annual Great North Steam Fair that takes place at Beamish museum each April was retitled the "Great War Steam Fair" this year, in order to commemorate 100 years since the First World War. The theme was for WW1 era vehicles of all types to be invited to take part in the event, this gave a unique opportunity to observe a particularly elderly collection of vehicles in action around the site at Beamish during the four day event that ran from 7th to 10th April.

Saturday 9th April saw the return to passenger service of Sheffield 264 after an extensive overhaul and repaint, the tram having last seen use at Beamish over a decade ago. Sheffield balcony car 264 was delivered new in 1907 by the United Electric Car Company at Preston.

The weather was extremely variable over the four days of the fair, ranging from torrential rain and flooding through to glorious sunshine on the last day.

Blackpool Standard 147 and a replica double-deck bus meet at the Pockerley tram stop
Sunderland 16 passing a Ford Model T flatbed lorry at the Pockerley tram stop
Newcastle tram 114 leaving the Edwardian town at Beamish
1907 Sheffield tramcar 264 approaching the stop for the museum main entrance
An immaculate 1909 Commer RC estate bus
A 1917 Foden steam lorry in War Department markings in the colliery yard
A line-up of old vehicles in the Edwardian town at Beamish
A 1917 AEC Y Type War Department lorry driving along the Edwardian street at Beamish
A 1915 War Office Subsidy Dennis lorry needing some attention on the perimeter road at Beamish
A gathering of WW1 lorries in the colliery yard at Beamish
A 1916 Albion A10 War Department lorry transporting troops around the site at Beamish
A collection of steam vehicles in the colliery yard at Beamish
A collection of steam vehicles in the coal merchants yard at Beamish
Simplex 40HP armoured four-wheel petrol engined loco LR3090
A replica of 1874 Lewin 0-4-0T steam locomotive Samson at Beamish

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