Wednesday 2 March 2016

Marton 31 arrives in Blackpool

Marton Box Car 31 turning off Lytham Road after its mid-afternoon arrival in Blackpool
The second half of the tram swap between Beamish and Blackpool was completed when Marton Box 31 was delivered to Blundell Street by Calkeld Heavy Haulage on the afternoon of 2nd March. After Standard 147's complicated and lengthy journey north to Beamish over the previous two days, via 'A' roads and 'B' roads, the delivery of Marton 31 was a relatively straightforward affair, with much of the journey being completed via motorway due to the reduced height of the tram, which had also had its trolley mast removed in order to facilitate the journey. 31 arrived in Blundell Street at 1510, and after a swift unloading the tram was soon shunted into the depot by Unimog 939.

The low loader with 31 onboard making the turn from Rigby Road into Blundell Street
The transporter of Calkeld Heavy Haulage passing the transport offices as it arrives in Blundell Street
The low loader parked up in the unloading position in Blundell Street
Marton 31 on the low loader trailer after the tractor unit had been disconnected
Marton Box 31 being pulled off the low loader trailer by Unimog 939
Marton Box Car 31 touching down on Blackpool rails courtesy of Unimog 939
Unimog 939 towing Marton Box 31 from Blundell Street into Hopton Road
Marton 31 being shunted into Rigby Road tram depot by Unimog 939

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