Thursday 17 March 2016

Blackpool's elusive Open-Topper

Open-top Leyland Olympian 857 (D257 FYM) turning right into Market Street on 17th March
Former City Sightseeing Leyland Olympian 857 (D257 FYM) was noted out in use in Blackpool today. The last year of City Sightseeing tours in the resort was 2012, and Olympian 857 survived long after its sister vehicles had been sold for scrap. This elusive vehicle was painted in a 1980s Atlantean style livery of green and cream back in 2014, and retained for use on private hires. 857's limited use makes it a rather difficult bus to catch up with, however it was captured in full sunshine in the town centre on Thursday 17th March.

Olympian 857 seen in Fleetwood during the last year of Blackpool City Sightseeing operations in 2012

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