Saturday 30 January 2016

Winter Heritage Gold

Twin Set 675/685 at the Pleasure Beach, showing off one of the new coloured destinations added to the blind
Saturday 30th January saw the first day's output of the new expanded Heritage Tram Tour operations for 2016. Although the forecast of 50 mph winds and a temperature of 5 deg C weren't exactly ideal, the day started out full of promise with six Heritage Trams rostered to operate the Gold timetable service. The trams left Rigby Road depot in the following order, Box Car 40 heading for Pleasure Beach and the first Fleetwood run of the day, Illuminated Frigate 736 headed north for Bispham, Brush Car 631 heading for the Pleasure Beach and then Bispham, Centenary Car 648 destined for Little Bispham, Balloon 717 heading north to Cleveleys, and finally Twin Set 675/685 bound for Bispham. Early in the morning Centenary 648 failed at the Pleasure Beach with electrical problems, and had to return to Rigby Road depot to be replaced in service by Centenary 642. The weather did its best to dampen people's spirits, ranging from rain, sun, hail and heavy clouds, with gale force winds throughout the day, but most of the visiting enthusiasts were undaunted and thoroughly enjoyed themselves, making the most of this rare winter outing for the heritage fleet.

Balloon 717 arriving at the Pleasure Beach on a Heritage Tour, during one of the brief sunny spells of the day
Brush Car 631 laying over at the Pleasure Beach before heading north to Little Bispham
Box Car 40 approaching South Pier on the return leg of its journey to Fleetwood Ferry
736 HMS Blackpool leaving the Pleasure Beach with a healthy passenger load bound for Fleetwood
Centenary 642 arriving at the Pleasure Beach having replaced the defective 648 on Heritage Tour service
648 heading for Little Bispham, unfortunately this tram suffered electrical problems later on at the Pleasure Beach

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