Thursday, 21 January 2016

Norbreck North Progress

Flexity 004 passing a lorry delivering fresh tarmac to the new Norbreck North tram stop that is being built
The task of constructing the new tram stop at Norbreck North is about halfway through now. Work has nearly been completed on the southbound platform, with the tarmac surface having been laid on the platform and adjoining pavement on the Promenade. The northbound platform is still in the early stages of construction, with work partway through laying the bricks and concrete blocks for the wall along the edge of the new platform. Through service trams are being controlled by a temporary stop sign situated between the rails.

Northbound Flexity 002 waiting at Norbreck North for a workman to remove the temporary stop sign


  1. Not sure if you you have seen this but you might be interested in taking a look

    1. Thanks, it sounds like interesting times ahead, although it's bad news about the LCC subsidy cuts.

    2. Yeah it is bad news, hopefully C22B can pull through this mess and hopefully there can still be a decent bus service around

  2. Really nice pictures of the Flexity trams