Sunday 24 August 2014

Ballooning Sunday

A line-up of all four Balloons at the Pleasure Beach on Sunday 24th August, from left to right 701, 700, 717 & 706
The theme for the Heritage Tours on Sunday 24th August was Balloons, the morning saw the debut of 701 fresh in its newly applied Routemaster red and white livery, although the finishing touches had yet to be applied to the paint scheme. 701 ran the morning tour to Fleetwood, accompanied by 706 Princess Alice, 700 and 717 came out later to complete the line-up of Balloons for the day. In the afternoon Balloons 706 & 717 returned to the depot to be replaced by Boat 227 and Pantograph 167 after the crew breaks. Balloon 701 ran the late afternoon tour to Fleetwood.

Red and white liveried Balloon 701 running down Lord Street in Fleetwood on the first Heritage Tour of the day
Balloon 701 at Fleetwood Ferry turning into Pharos Street on the return leg of the morning Heritage Tour to the port
Balloon 706 Princess Alice returning to Blackpool along North Albert St in Fleetwood on the morning Heritage Tour
Balloon 717 departing from the Pleasure Beach turning circle on a Heritage Tour working to Cabin
Boat 227 leaving Rigby Road depot to enter Heritage Tour service, mid-afternoon on 24th August
Balloon 700 running in, still with passengers onboard who will alight before the depot in Hopton Road
167 taking a short break on the Pleasure Beach loop, with Brush Car 627 on its display track in the background
Pantograph Car 167 departing from the Pleasure Beach on a Heritage Tour to Bispham
Flexity 016 working on specials between Little Bispham and Pleasure Beach passes Balloon 701 on the turning circle
Red and cream Boat 227 at the Pleasure Beach, with red and white Balloon 701 passing by on the way to North Pier

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