Sunday 20 July 2014

Tram Sunday

The highlight of the day was surely the newly refurbished Blackpool & Fleetwood Box Car 40, seen here at Ash Street
The annual Fleetwood Festival of Transport, commonly known as Tram Sunday, was held on 20th July. Blackpool Transport ran a half hourly Heritage Tour service from North Pier to Fisherman's Walk in Fleetwood for the duration of the Festival. The trams in use on the heritage service during the day were Pantograph Car 167, open top Balloon 706 Princess Alice, newly refurbished Box Car 40 and open Boat 230. Standard 147 and Balloon 717 were on static display next to the lighthouse in Pharos Street all day.

Pantograph Car 167 on the first heritage run, with the civic party onboard, pausing to load passengers at Cleveleys
Pantograph Car 167 unloading its passengers at the temporary heritage car stop at Fisherman's Walk
Flexity 012 has just reversed over the crossover at Ash Street while Pantograph Car 167 waits its turn to do the same
After unloading its passengers, Box Car 40 heads past the clock tower at Ash St ready to reverse over the crossover
Box Car 40 arriving at Fisherman's Walk, with Flexity 013 ready to depart for Starr Gate on the southbound platform
Balloon 706 Princess Alice departing Fisherman's Walk, with service Flexity 013 waiting at the northbound platform
Balloon 706 is seen heading south at Rossall School, with a load of passengers bound for North Pier
Boat 230 came out in place of Pantograph Car 167 during the afternoon, seen here loaded up at Fisherman's Walk
 Standard 147 and Balloon 717 seen on display in Pharos Street early on the Sunday morning
 Balloon 717 and Standard 147 seen on display in Pharos Street early on the Sunday morning

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