Monday 21 July 2014

Box 40 leaves for Crich

Box Car 40 being shunted from Hopton Road into Blundell Street by Unimog 938 on the morning of 21st July
Blackpool & Fleetwood Box Car 40 departed for a short period of loan to the National Tramway Museum at Crich on the morning of 21st July. After 40's brief return to service during Tram Sunday on 20th July, the tram has been transported to Crich where it is scheduled to take part in the Electric 50 event on the 13th and 14th of September. Scotts Heavy Haulage were tasked with moving Box 40, and after an uneventful loading on Monday morning, the low loader set off from Blundell Street with its precious load at 1135.

Unimog 938 pushing Box Car 40 up the rail ramp onto the back of Scotts low loader in Blundell Street
Box Car 40 being loaded onto Scotts trailer with the assistance of members of the National Tramway Museum
Scotts low loader manoeuvring from Blundell Street into Hopton Road via Home Bargains loading bay
Scotts low loader heading off down Lytham Road for Crich with Box Car 40 at 1135 on Monday 21st July

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  1. Even though this is the wrong topic. When I went to holiday there was just flexi's running and there was no roadworks on Manchester square junction. I hate the way blackpool changed since last. They had the bus lane on central drive and done roadworks and removed some traffic lights.