Monday 14 April 2014

The Tiger moves to Anchorsholme

622 on Luton Road in Cleveleys, close to its final resting place in the playground of a primary school at Anchorsholme

Brush car 622 departed the rails of Blackpool Tramway on the morning of 14th April. The former Tigerrific all-over advert tram had been in Rigby Road depot at Blackpool since November 2013 for temporary storage, prior to being moved to its new home at Anchorsholme Academy where it is to be used as a classroom. 622 made the short journey to Anchorsholme Primary School in the careful hands of Scotts Heavy Haulage, on a shorter trailer than is normally used due to some tights turns along the route. The final resting place of 622 is right in the middle of the marked out netball court in the school playground. The plan is to finish painting the tram in order to recreate the appearance of the original Tigerrific advert.

Brush car 622 being hauled out of Rigby Road depot and onto Hopton Road by Unimog 938

Brush car 622 being pushed up the steep ramp onto the back of Scotts trailer in Blundell Street by Unimog 938

Scotts Heavy Haulage about to turn left from Blundell St into Rigby Rd, before heading north along the Promenade

622 on the back of Scotts trailer heading north through Talbot Square on its way to Anchorsholme in Cleveleys

622 heading west along Eastpines Drive in Cleveleys, approaching the entrance to Anchorsholme Primary School

622 waiting in the car park at Anchorsholme Primary School, prior to being moved to its final unloading position

Brush car 622 sat in its final resting place of the playground at Anchorsholme Primary School in Cleveleys


  1. I hope this is not too facetious a comment but I can't help thinking that the Messrs Scotts haulage firm is on a pretty good wicket what with all the transfers of trams between museums and other locations. David

  2. I think their rates are probably very reasonable which is why they are used for so many preserved tram movements.