Saturday 26 April 2014

Dart 143 enters service in the new Catch22 livery

Oakwood Travel Dennis Dart T143AUA making its passenger service debut in the new Catch22 livery on 26th April
Oakwood Travel's Dennis Dart T143AUA entered service today in the new Cardiff inspired Catch22 fleet livery of orange and turquoise. 143 received its new paint scheme a month ago, but has been undergoing MOT preparation work in the meantime before today's rebranded debut into passenger service. The vehicle is the second one to enter service in the new Catch22 colours, Volvo B6BLE W601CWX was the first bus to see service in the new livery, making its first appearance on the Catch22 route on Thursday 17th April.

Dennis Dart T143AUA crossing the tram tracks at Anchorsholme Lane in Cleveleys on the Catch22 route
A rear three-quarter view of Dennis Dart T143AUA as it nears the northern terminus of the Catch22 in Cleveleys

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