Monday 26 August 2013

Vintage Bank Holiday Monday

Standard 147 returning down North Albert Street in Fleetwood after making the morning run through to the Ferry

The last day of the August Bank Holiday in Blackpool was forecast to be a fine sunny day, and so it proved to be. Monday saw some of the older trams being used on the Heritage Tours, with the morning output consisting of Standard 147, Bolton 66 and Box car 40, with Boat 230 making up the compliment. The first run of the day saw 147 making the round trip to Fleetwood Ferry, complete with a full load of passengers, the early afternoon journey to the port being handled by Bolton 66. Metro Coastlines liveried Twin Set 675+685 was displayed during the afternoon on Blundell Street. Standard 147 and Box 40 were due to be swapped for heritage Twin Set 272+T2 and Centenary 648 during the afternoon, but unfortunately both of these trams failed on depot before they got a chance to enter service. It was decided to use Boat 227 and 706 Princess Alice for the final run through to Fleetwood instead of the planned 272&T2, and even Centenary 642 came out for a while, making a round trip as far as Thornton Gate.

Bolton 66 arriving at the Pleasure Beach, looking very smart after the removal of its Acdo adverts

Box car 40 returns to the Pleasure Beach after running a Heritage Tour

Boat 230 is passed by northbound Flexity 002 at North Pier late on in the afternoon

Metro Coastlines liveried Twin Set 675+685 was parked for display on Blundell Street for a few hours

Twin Set 272+T2 only made it as far as Hopton Road, and is displayed with a framed original Coastal Tour poster

Boat 227 showing off its new paintwork in the sun at Anchorsholme, as it returns from the evening run to Fleetwood

706 Princess Alice in the early evening sun as it returns back to Blackpool after the final run of the day to Fleetwood

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