Friday 23 August 2013

LTT sell Boat 605 for use in San Francisco

Boat 605 in service on a special to Fleetwood Ferry in September 2008

In a shock announcement, the Lancastrian Transport Trust have made the controversial decision to sell Boat car 605 to the Market Street Railway preservation group for operation on San Francisco's well known F-line that operates PCCs and other vintage trolley cars. The tram had been on loan to Beamish for two years and has proved to be very popular during its period at the museum, but this arrangement has been cut short and 605 is due to leave British shores on a one-way trip to America in September. Boat cars are well liked by both enthusiasts and the general public alike, and this very unwelcome move will mean that the only Boats left available to ride in the UK will be 236 (607) at Crich and 600, 602 and 230 (604) which are retained by Blackpool Transport for Heritage Tour use.

Boats 600 and 230 (604) pass at Wilton Parade while operating on the Heritage Tour at Blackpool in June 2012

Boat 236 (607) with a healthy passenger loading the day after its public launch at Crich in June 2012


  1. On the plus side, at least the new owner will operate the tram and people will still be able to have a good old tam ride, it may not be ideal but it's better than the scrapman.

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  3. Just not people in the UK, it will certainly be welcomed with open arms in San Francisco, and I'm sure that it will be well looked after and be an asset to their operation.