Tuesday 4 September 2012

LTT Brush Car 624 leaves Rigby Road

Brush PW car 259 after being loaded onto Allelys low loader in Blundell Street
Lancastrian Transport Trust owned Brush Permanent Way car 259 (formerly 624 in the passenger fleet) left Rigby Road depot this afternoon for secure storage in the Marton area of Blackpool. For the first time in several years Scotts of Derbyshire were not involved in the tram move, the company undertaking the job being Allelys Heavy Haulage from Warwickshire.

Allelys low-loader passing from the bus yard across the depot track fan
PW car 259 being pushed around the curve into Blundell Street by Unimog 939
Allelys winching 259 onto their low-loader trailer
A rear view of 259 safely on the back of the low-loader, with the cab unit hooked up again to the trailer
259 chained down to the trailer and all ready for the off
Allelys low-loader threads its way between the traction poles while making the turn into Hopton Road
Allelys low-loader turning into Brinwell Road, Marton
Allelys low-loader attempting to enter the storage premises on Brinwell Road
Allelys low-loader part way into the storage premises on Brinwell Road

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  1. It's heartbreaking to see the tram in such a state, though it has a hundred times more charisma than a Flexity 2