Friday 7 September 2012

Last LTT tram leaves Rigby Road

LTT Coronation 304 loaded up and ready to leave Rigby Road for the last time
The last of the LTT fleet of preserved Blackpool trams has safely left Rigby Road depot for pastures new. On the morning of 7th September, Coronation 304 was towed out of the depot by Unimog 938 at 09:30 and moved into Blundell Street for loading onto the impressive low-loader rig of Allelys Heavy Haulage. By 11:05 the low-loader was parked up on the site of the old Duple coach factory in Marton ready to unload its precious cargo, thus bringing to an end the long running saga between BTS and the LTT. These four days of tram moves have demonstrated what a professional and efficient company Allelys are at moving rail vehicles. The future prospects of the LTT tram fleet look a lot more secure now, and it is to be hoped that most if not all of the trams that have been moved to outside storage can at some point find a more permanent home, preferably under cover, as some of them, notably 259 and 704, will deteriorate very rapidly if the exposed woodwork is subjected to prolonged exposure to damp conditions.

304 being winched onto the trailer of Allelys low-loader in Blundell Street
The low-loader of Allelys Heavy Haulage swinging into Lytham Road heading for Marton
304 passing St. George's School on Cherry Tree Road in Marton
Allelys low-loader manoeuvring into the final unloading position at the storage yard in Marton

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