Saturday 9 June 2012

Boat 230 unveiled as George Formby tram

The George Formby Boat car passing the Tower on the way to the unveiling ceremony at North Pier
Boat 604 has been repainted into 1970s style livery and fitted with discs carrying the face of George Formby in the trolley tower. At 14:00 today the tram's name plates which read "George Formby OBE" were unveiled at North Pier, also the fleet numbers were revealed to show that the tram has been renumbered back into its old identity of 230 using gold transfers. The members of the George Formby Society were then transported to the Imperial Hotel while playing their ukeleles along the way. The damp dismal weather did not affect people's spirits, and the event went off smoothly apart from when a gust of wind prematurely unveiled the name plaque as the tram arrived at North Pier!

A gust of wind prematurely uncovered the name plaque as the tram arrived at the North Pier loop
Flexity 007 passing former Boat 604 which has just been unveiled as 230, complete with gold fleet numbers
The "George Formby OBE" name plate is unveiled at North Pier
The ukelele playing George Formby Society members being transported to their convention at the Imperial Hotel

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